Behind the Brand

President and Creator of The Perfect Face cosmetics, Danielle Doyle, fell in love with makeup at a very young age. As a little girl, Danielle’s mother worked at the local makeup counters in the small town of Biloxi Mississippi. So instead of dime store children’s makeup Danielle had the opportunity to play with real cosmetics. Her passion for the colors and shades led her to a true love of art. Into her teens Danielle gained an affection for painting, drawing and sculpting. During the college years Danielle had the opportunity to join the fashion industry as a model in Houston, Texas. From this trade she gained great knowledge about makeup artists at the top of their field.

At the age of 23, she decided she wanted to work on the other side of the camera helping to create those perfect faces you see in magazines everyday. In 1999, Danielle started The Perfect Face, an on-location hair and makeup company, where the artist comes to you. Soon after establishing herself as an artist, Danielle created an elite team comprised of the best local makeup artists in the industry. After years of wanting that perfect lip, eye, or blush color for her clients, Danielle began six years of research on how to create her own cosmetics line. After developing the line with several chemists and laboratories and finally getting everything just right, The Perfect Face Cosmetics was born.

In 2007, the full line was launched, which includes natural hair brushes, luxurious lip colors, highly pigmented eye colors, flawless foundations, silky soft powders, handmade faux lashes and glowing blushes. All of the cosmetics are highly pigmented and are formulated for film, photography, stage and everyday perfection. Since the launch of the line everyone from Hollywood starlets, Beauty Queens, Blushing brides, and everyday glamour girls have turned to The Perfect Face cosmetics for the flawless look they crave. As a Christian, single mom of 3 boys, entrepreneur, and philanthropist, Danielle continues to resonate with her clients. What’s her secret? Continuing to strive to create balance in work, friends, family and faith.

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