Do I Really Need A Lip Brush?

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Do I really need a lip brush? We hear that from time to time and YES you do!! If you are a makeup artist it's a must have. Artists use them for sanitary reasons and others we will get to later. If your makeup artist is applying your lipstick directly from the tube you should be concerned (unless it's your personal lipstick). Bacteria can live on the surface of lipstick, or inside the tube of lip gloss, which will eventually be spread onto your lips in the next application. Being sanitary is #1 to us here at TPF Cosmetics and we teach all our students how to keep their clients safe by never double dipping, sanitizing kits, tools, brushes, etc. If your makeup artist is trained correctly they should ALWAYS be applying lipstick to clients with a lipbrush or disposable lip spoolie.


TPF Cosmetics A Pristine Beauty

Image A Pristine Beauty @apristinebeauty Louisiana Makeup Artist


What if you're not a makeup artist? Well, if you have several lipsticks you can use your brush to mix and create a new shades. Think of your lipstick as painters mixing oils or acrylics to create a new shade. So, if you are mixing several shades and/or formulas, you really want to have a lip brush. You can also use it to blend lipliner and lipstick together flawlessly. Just the other day in the office we took our liquid lipsticks Frankly Scarlet & Sweet Tea, mixed them together with our lip brush and came out with a color similar to Blackberry (which is an office favorite).


Lastly, if you are really into highly pigmented reds you will want to use a lip brush!! Using your brush will give you those flawless crisp/clean edges. In the video below Danielle shows you how to use your lip brush to achieve the perfect red lip.

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