TPF Cosmetics Sheer Foundation Brush

Have you tried our Sheer Foundation brush yet? If you have seen any of our makeup video's on YouTube you've certainly seen Danielle use this brush a lot! So what's so great about it? When using this brush make sure you apply your foundation in a pressing motion making sure you can't see the white tips of the brush. When using it this way it will give you a flawless airbrushed look to your foundation. It's one of our best selling brushes and a must have!


The picture above was taken by Zac Grimaldo of Olivia Jordan backstage at Miss USA 2015. The beautiful makeup was done by Katie Nelson from @flawless.finishes for TPF Cosmetics. Some of the products Olivia is wearing P2 Foundation (under eyes) Y8 foundation (all over) Y10 (contour), Medium Contour, Cheeky blush, Cream Puff (under eyes), Almond Tarte (all over). Macchiato eyshadow, Chocolate Mousse, Savior Faire lipstick and Cameo lipliner.

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