So you wanna be a makeup artist...

 Hey everyone! Reporter Lauren Vizza here, I asked Danielle Doyle  some questions about the TPF Certification course and we wanted to share our chat with you! I hope this will answer any questions you have about the course as well as share more information about the business of being a makeup artist. 


Lauren: I have to admit, when I do my makeup and I feel really good about it…sometimes I think I could totally be a makeup artist but I don’t think of myself as artistic, at all. Do you need to be naturally artistic to be a successful makeup artist or is this something that can be learned?

Danielle: I recommend that you have some background before you jump into a class, especially my TPF Artist Certification courses. By some background, I mean you have done some friends for prom or have some working knowledge of how this works. It’s usually tricky in our small group course if we have people that have been doing it for years mixed with people that have never even seen a makeup brush before.

But like you said, you aren’t necessarily naturally artistic but you’ve learned. I think if someone has a passion for makeup but not the natural artistic ability, it might take them a little longer but they can learn the steps and understand the concepts behind the color choices and be very successful! I always share the story of a former pageant contestant who when she did her private lesson with me…had to have two more skype lessons to actually get everything down. Later on, she came back for  TPF certification and we did a private certification course because she knew she really wanted one on one.  Since then she has done makeup for TPF at Miss USA several times. 

Lauren: What are some of the questions you need to ask yourself before you decide to be a makeup artist? 

Danielle: Are you willing to work on the weekends? Most of your business is going to happen on Saturdays and Sundays so if it’s important for you to have the traditional weekend structure it might be hard for you.

Are you self-motivated? Or do you need a boss setting out goals and tasks for you? If you are an independent artist, you have to motivate yourself to network and build a client base because the clients won’t just come to you…you have to constantly work to build it up. We talk about the struggles of this and how to overcome them a lot in our TPF course. 

Lauren: Let’s talk about what makes The Perfect Face Certification course so unique. You’ve worked really hard to make this course unlike anything else out there.

Danielle:  This course is so special because it's designed to be completely comprehensive. I want everyone who leaves to feel like a total boss babe with a successful business plan. We spend a really big chunk of our time learning business techniques, practices, networking, and everything an artist is going to need to take their business to the next level. 

 One of the fun things we learn is how to utilize the color wheel! I am an artist by training (and at heart) and by learning about color it equips an artist to be able to create any look for any combination of skin color, hair color, and eye color. 

Everyone also leaves with hundreds of dollars worth of product plus a full set of professional brushes. I want every artist to leave feeling totally empowered! 


Lauren: During the course, you are teaching the artists more than just one bridal look or one pageant the comprehensive course you are literally teaching everything possible. 

Danielle: Of course, we teach our signature pageant look. I have no idea how to describe it but there is definitely a "TPF" look and I can spot a girl on Instagram immediately that has had her makeup done by one of our TPF Certified artists without even seeing the artists name. 

But you are right, in our new comprehensive course we teach bridal looks, special occasion looks, pageant / stage looks and also clean television or production looks so that an artist can leave here ready and able to work on any project. And it ties back into the color wheel but with the knowledge we teach on color theory...they can work with anyone at anytime. 

Lauren: What advice do you have for new artists? 

Danielle: Don't rush to buy every sparkly and bright product you find! Seriously, I had so many crazy products that I purchased at the very beginning of my career that I had barely even opened just because they caught my eye in the container! I didn't get rid of them until my friend and super talented makeup artist Delaney came over to help organize my makeup and she helped me condense all the fun, sparkly stuff into one tiny container. Now, they aren't taking up so much room but I am still prepared if I get the call to rush off and work on a Sugar Plum Fairy or something.

I always say "hire your weakness" because if possible, don't let your weakness be the thing that holds you back.  I love makeup, I love teaching and empowering women, but I do not particularly love scheduling, writing up client agreements, doing payroll, or organizing my taxes. All the necessary things that have to be done to run a successful business and it's okay! Ever since the beginning I have had someone help me with all my struggles, even in my tiny one bedroom apartment 20 years ago. I hired a  girl from my church who would come 2 or 3 times a week and for a few hours just to help manage my schedule and reply to all my emails and calls. I now have an amazing full time office manager and have for years. If these are the types of things that hold you back, let us know. We are currently working on a cyber-assistant / website program to help makeup artists run their business. We cant wait to tell you more about it once its complete. 

Lauren: I am a big believer in networking and taking advantage of every opportunity that presents's how I ended up in television! You have a similar story...

 Danielle: Yes! Networking and putting yourself out there is something I cannot stress enough. Several years ago I was doing makeup on the North Beach Leather national campaign and my model was Stephanie Guerrero who was Miss Houston USA at the time and getting ready to compete at Miss Texas USA. A week later her directors call me and tell me that her makeup artist didn't show up for her headshots and asked if I could come over and do her makeup. I was available so I was able to get my kit together and work with her. We had a great time! Soon after that I find out that the Miss Texas USA organization is looking for a new artist and so many people had recommended me! I accepted the sponsorship and soon met  the official Texas hair sponsor. He told me that Miss USA had a spot open for a makeup artist but I would need to be willing to pay my dues and "fingers crossed" I could possibly get onto the team the following year.  I packed a bag and paid my way to Miss USA and that turned into being brought back for now 15 years of Miss USA and Miss Universe pageants. Well, a few years ago they needed a new makeup sponsor for Miss USA and Teen USA and The Perfect Face Cosmetics had the opportunity to sponsor these pageants from 2016-2018 along with MISS UNIVERSE 2018. It just goes to show, you really never know what can happen or what can come from seemingly the most insignificant or unconnected opportunities. 

 See TPF artists in action! Check out the sisterhood across the country! 


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