Sheer Foundation Brush

The perfect Face sheer foundation brush TPF Cosmetics Sheer foundation Brush

Have you tried our Sheer Foundation brush yet?  This brush is perfectly designed to apply a flawless airbrushed look to your foundation. If you are searching for a flawless complexion our exquisitely handcrafted sheer foundation brush is designed for the artist in mind as well as those who want to feel like a makeup artist. Each handle is finished with a soft touch overlay for ease when holding, and custom finger grooves are etched into each handle for precise grip, creating an effortless application. Made with high quality fine nylon and natural fibers. Every glamour girls dream, these gorgeous brushes are crowned in full glory with an eternity band of inlayed crystals at the crest of each brush.

Do you know the correct way to clean your brush? Yes, there is a way to keep your brushes like new for years. Our Sheer Foundation brush has a round ferrule so you will want to go in circular motions to clean it. See video by clicking this link or watch below.


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