Picture Perfect...Yes it is!

Are you using our loose setting powders? If not, you totally have to start! On our top ten list of most asked questions, setting powders would rank pretty high. Some clients have asked what's it's used for. In a nutshell you use it to set the Picture Perfect Foundations for long lasting wear and also to secure a matte look.

Our powders are triple milled so they are incredibly fine and do not settle into fine lines. Which is wonderful for us more mature ladies! This includes Cream Puff (a.k.a. "war paint") for under eye highlighting. When you see a P it stands for "pink" undertones and Y for "yellow" undertones.

 Danielle uses the loose powders for setting her makeup looks so if you are interested in seeing how she uses it check out our YouTube channel. Please see the helpful list below to choose the best powder for your Picture Perfect Foundation. Please let us know if you have any questions. You can email us at info@theperfectface.com or message Danielle directly in instagram@theperfectface and she will get back with you quickly. Have a wonderful Monday!

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