Our Day to Night Pallet is AMAZING! and limited

TPF Cosmetics Limited Edition Day to Night Pallet

Be your own artist and create hundreds of looks like Danielle's below

Our Day to Night pallet is so wonderful because you can create hundreds of looks and it's all in one pallet. This is a very limited edition pallet curated for and normally sold only at IMATS and The Makeup Show. However, because of the COVID-19 pandemic The Makeup Show was canceled here in Houston so we decided to create a small batch for our website. Danielle created the look above on our Instagram page so if you would like to see the video you can click here. However, if you don't use Instagram see our YouTube channel. We get a lot of questions about what exact products Danielle uses because clients love to recreate the looks. Here is a break down of products for the look above:

    P2, Y5 & Y7 Foundations , Cream Puff, Almond Tarte Setting Powders, Black Out Gel, Macchiato, Smokin Hot, Coffee Bean, Raevan, Sloan, Tiara eyeshadows, Coppertone, Medium Contour blush, Morning Fog (Brows),  Sand Lipliner, Stripped Lipstick,  @g4beauty lashes, Rose Gold Gleam Body Radiance and All Eyes On You Brush Set


    As always if you have any comments or questions we would love to hear from you! You can contact us by email at info@theperfectface.com with any questions or concerns. If you didn't know we have an active Instagram @theperfectface page you can direct message us and Danielle is quick to respond. Have a blessed day!


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