October Spotlight Artist Kaylee Davis Bobo

TPF Cosmetics Certification Course

(Kaylee pictured at her beautiful wedding day)


We are so happy to have Kaylee Davis Bobo as our October spotlight artist. What a treasure this girl is!! We are so happy to see her painting such beautiful faces and taking her career to the next level. She is a traveling artist that services Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee specializing in pageant makeup & hair, headshots, bridal and weddings. You can contact her by email at davisdesignsmua@gmail.com, phone 662-279-1390 and book an appointment by heading over to her website. Please check out her social media Instagram, Facebook 

 TPF Cosmetics Certification course

What is your background? I was the young girl who did everyone's makeup at sleepovers, always fixing my mom's hair, and getting my cheer squad ready for Friday night football games!  As young as 8th grade, I started doing hair and makeup for local pageants. Word of mouth travels in a small town, so eventually I was completely booked for events in my county and surrounding counties. Fast forward a few years, my small business grew to booking wedding parties, proms, and pageants in Mississippi and surrounding states. I graduated as a Registered Nurse in May 2019. In November 2019, I decided to invest in my makeup business and become a certified makeup artist through The Perfect Face. I laugh because although being a nurse and a makeup artist seems like such different careers, I find them very similar. I love to serve people, and make people feel special and loved! I get to do this with both of my jobs. 


What made you decide to be a makeup artist? I feel like being a makeup artist chose me. I have been styling friends and family since 8th grade. Although it was definitely all for fun then, I did decide a few years ago that I wanted this to be a serious business for myself.  I am constantly studying my work, seeing how I could improve myself for my clients. I am so thankful for everyone that books me and lets this “once a hobby” be a career for me.


TPF Cosmetics Certification Course 

What are some of the questions you need to ask yourself before you decide to be a makeup artist? The main question is— are you willing to work? Although this may seem a glamorous career, it is a very tiring and time consuming job. Most of my appointments are weekends and early mornings. If your outlook on a makeup artist is, “Oh how fun they just get to play in makeup all day,” that’s not the case. I feel like sometimes people get into hair and makeup because they think it will be easy job, but it definitely takes a lot of hard work and dedication to continually study new trends and educate yourself on this evolving industry. 

Tell us about your business- I specialize in pageants, bridal, & special event hair and makeup. I am located in the northeast corner of Mississippi; therefore, I am located between Alabama, Mississippi, and Tennessee. I have a makeup studio in Burnsville, MS where clients can come to me but I also travel! 


 TPF Cosmetics Certification Course

What has been your favorite event/client so far? This is a hard one! I can honestly say I enjoy my loyal, long-time girls so much. I’ve styled a lot of girls since they were in elementary pageants, and it’s really sweet the bond I’ve made with so many girls! I’ve been through wins, losses, break ups, and deaths with a lot of these girls and I truly love them! 


How did you learn about The Perfect Face? I followed TPF on Instagram and loved their products that I used on myself and clients. 

 TPF Cosmetics Certification Course

Did you take the certification course? If so how did you hear about it? Yes, I did take the certification course. I always saw posts about the course, and was always very interested! After I graduated nursing school, that’s what my first few pay checks went towards! ;) When Rebecca Mathis (Mathis Makeup) styled me for the first time, the bridal course is what we discussed. She encouraged me and told me how beneficial the class was! 

TPF Cosmetics Certification Course


Tell us about meeting Danielle for the first time- I met Danielle for the first time in Houston, TX at the certification course. I was nervous, but Danielle was welcoming to me and the rest of my class! 

What did you like about the course? I enjoyed the hands on portion the best! It really brought a lot of attention detail, and I learned from the constructive criticism. 

 TPF Cosmetics Certification Course

Would you recommend this course to other students? I would recommend this class. I learned new makeup techniques, but also learned a business side of things which is also important!

What is your favorite TPF Cosmetics product? I would definitely say the shimmer pigments. They’re the perfect extra pop for glam! 


 TPF Cosmetics Certification Course


Any upcoming events you will be attending? I plan to be at Miss Mississippi USA styling this year. I styled contestants for Miss MS USA, Miss Teen MS USA, & Miss TN Teen USA last year, so I am excited to be back. 


Thank you so much Kaylee for sharing your experience and photo's with us. We truly wish you the best!! If you are interested in becoming a makeup artist please contact us at info@theperfectface.com so we can answer any questions you might have. You can also see what TPF Certification offers by heading over to our website


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