NOW BOOKING Petite Makeup Lessons


TPF Cosmetics Petite Makeup Lessons


Our Petite Private lessons are for the clients who want to “get her feet wet” with makeup knowledge or the client who is very knowledgeable with makeup application and wants to pick up a few tips and tricks. We are currently booking these lessons and you can see dates, times and pricing by follow this link.



  • 1-2  hour narrated makeup application
  • Color analysis of  wardrobe, skin tone, hair color and eye color
  • A personalized laminated face chart with a complete graph of your “perfect face”
  • All products used in the lesson will be provided by TPF Cosmetics
  • Artist will do your entire makeup application while you watch
  • Photos taken for you to re-create your perfect face
  • Full Cosmetics Recommendations
  • You may bring a friend to take notes for you
  • A 20% discount on any products purchased during the lesson


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