May TPF Certified Artist Spotlight Grand Slam Glam

TPF Cosmetics artist spotlight


May is already here!!! We are happy to share with you our May spot light artists Jordan Bawcom and Reilly Johannsen from Grand Slam Glam. These two sisters are former beauty queens from Dallas, Texas. They are amazing artists and we absolutely loved spending time with them!


TPF Cosmetics artist spotlight


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 TPF cosmetics artist spotlight

What is your background? We grew up doing competitive dance and then competing in pageants. For Jordan, the love of all things glam started at a very young age when she played dress up and princesses every day. As she danced competitively, she took the whole hair and makeup passion to a new level and would invite my entire dance team to show up early so she could do hair and makeup on them so they all looked cohesive. Growing up, Reilly was more of a tomboy. She didn’t fall in love with hair and makeup until she was a teenager and then it became a form of self expression as she explored the awesome trends of the 2000’s including glitter eyeshadow and bold colors. 


What made you decide to be a makeup artist? To be honest, God just kept opening doors and led us both to doing this professionally. We worked for a friend and really just did this as a hobby on the weekends. Obviously, the Lord had bigger plans for us than we could have ever imagined! In 2014 we decided to take a leap of faith and start our company after God put it on both of our hearts and the rest is history! 


What are some of the questions you need to ask yourself before you decide to be a makeup artist? One of the things we learned very early on is that if the client isn’t happy then your job isn’t done. It doesn’t matter if “technically” your work is flawless. If the client doesn’t feel her most beautiful you have to be ready to check your ego and make the adjustments that need to be made to make her feel her best. Beauty starts from the inside and radiates outward so I think one of the most important qualities for a makeup artist to have is thick skin. You need to be able to take feedback and criticism and be willing to tweak your work. 

 TPF Cosmetics artist spotlight

Tell us about your business... We are a hair + makeup team that provides on-location services. We specialize in weddings but also do hair + makeup for special occasions, pageants, senior pictures and really any event that requires you to be extra glam! We travel all across Texas (but the bulk of our business takes places in the Dallas-Fort Worth area). We have a talented team of 15 + stylists. 


What has been your favorite event/client so far? This is such a hard question! We have had so many clients over the years that have been so special to us and have started as clients and become friends. Also, getting to style some of our closest family members and friends on their wedding days has been an incredible experience that we will forever remember! That being said, recently we were able to do hair and makeup on Lexi and Morgan from the Netflix Cheer series and that was pretty cool! Both girls were so down to earth and it was fun to meet them! 

How did you learn about The Perfect Face? We learned about Danielle many years ago when we competed in pageants ourselves. We always loved and admired her work and loved the heart behind her brand. 


Tell us about meeting Danielle for the first time? Danielle actually did hair + makeup for my best friend Ashley for her wedding. I remember admiring her talent and skill that day! I then followed her on social media and have enjoyed her tips and tricks all along the way. When I saw she provided a pro artistry course I knew I wanted to take it. Finally, after the pandemic, Reilly and I decided we wanted to invest in training and hone our skills even more so we took the leap and signed up!


What did you like about the course? I learned SO many awesome tips and tricks. Danielle has a reason for everything that she does when it comes to makeup and learning the reasoning behind color selection and where she places highlights/contouring on the face was really cool to me. We also really enjoyed learning about how she started and runs her business. 

 TPF Cosmetics artist spotlight

Would you recommend this course to other students? Absolutely! If you are looking to become more confident in professional makeup application this is the course for you!


What is your favorite TPF Cosmetics product? How do we choose just 1?! We ended up heading back to Dallas after our course with Danielle with an entire new kit because we just LOVED everything! She has put so much thought into each product and the entire line is awesome. I think for us, finding a new foundation that we both love was a game changer. We were both pretty in love with airbrush until we discovered TPF foundation and now we use it on almost every face we do! We are so impressed with how such a little bit goes such a long way!


Any upcoming events you will be attending? We are booked almost every single weekend with weddings! What a blessing :)


Last but not least, they also have a podcast called Beauty Queens where they talk about all things makeup & hair. Reilly has a "rant" and Jordan talks about her faith with scripture "Bawcom Blessings". Thank you Jordan and Reilly for being part of the TPF Cosmetics family and sharing your time with us!

We have new dates available for TPF Certification! Follow this link to learn more.


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