June Spotlight Artist Chelsea Carpenter


TPF Cosmetics Certification Course

We are so excited to share with you our TPF Certified artist Chelsea Carpenter from Bossier City, LA. We enjoyed so much having her in our certification course! If you are in the Louisiana area we cannot recommend her enough. Not only is she an amazing artist she is a sweetheart! You can see her at Chemistry Hair salon where you can get AMAZING hair and makeup!

Here is her Instagram and Facebook accounts to see her beautiful work. You can call her at 318-868-1012 or 318-470-8425. Website Chemistry Hair Salon and email her at carpenter.chelsea89@gmail.com

TPF Cosmetics Certification Course

What is your background? I have worked and trained with Chemistry Hair salon for 6 years. I studied as a barber apprentice under my mentor, Bryan Sullivan, at Chemistry, before hitting the salon floor as a full stylist, for about a year. I then moved to the floor as a level 1 and have since moved up to a level 3 stylist. I have taken classes and had training in Texas, New York, and London as well. I specialize in hair and makeup for special occasions and weddings, but I do hair cutting, coloring, and facial waxing as well.

What made you decide to be a makeup artist? I have always had a passion for it. I love bringing out someones natural beauty and making them feel more beautiful and confident when they leave. When the opportunity presented itself to learn and further my education with The Perfect Face, I jumped at it.

TPF Cosmetics Certification Course

What are some of the questions you need to ask yourself before you decide to be a makeup artist? You should ask yourself if you have the passion for it. Loving makeup in general does not necessarily mean you have a passion for becoming a makeup artist. You really have to have the whole hearted desire and want to be a makeup artist.

Tell us about your business? I work at one of the top 200 salons in North America. We are a full service salon aswell so we offer any color and lightening services, as well as cutting, styling, facial waxing, wedding/special occasion hair and makeup, and many other services.

What has been your favorite event/client so far? My favorite event so far was the bridal photo shoot I coordinated with other vendors in my area. We were able to collaborate with a local boutique for bridal gowns and accessories, a popular wedding venue, as well as an amazing wedding photographer. It gave us the ability to get some beautiful and professional shots for advertising, as well as gave us to opportunity to work with local vendors and trade services.

 TPF Cosmetics Certification Course

 How did you learn about The Perfect Face? Former Miss Louisiana, Lauren Vizza, who is a client of the salon, told us about her experience with it for daily use and for pageants. There was also an upcoming pageant event in our city, and Danielle held a seminar and demo for the line that my salon owners and myself attended.

Did you take the certification course? If so how did you hear about it? I did take the certification course in November of 2018. I heard about it from Danielle at the event she held in my town.Tell us about meeting Danielle for the first time I was in complete awe of her and the business she has created and built. It was amazing to see a woman be so successful and so confident in herself, but also be such a genuine, Godly woman. She was so encouraging to me to take myself to the next level in being a makeup artist.

What did you like about the course? I really enjoyed the small class size. It really helped me to focus more and get more one on one with Danielle so that I could really see where I could improve more. I also loved how detailed Danielle was in teaching and demonstrating, but then giving us the opportunity to practice it ourselves. Physically doing the looks myself, made all the difference in learning for me.

TPF Cosmetics Certification Course

Would you recommend this course to other students? Absolutely. It was one of the best decisions I ever made. And you get an amazing network of other fabulous artists if you ever need any help or advice.

What is your favorite TPF Cosmetics product? My favorite TPF product is the picture perfect foundation. I love the full coverage, it lasts all day, and one container of it lasts me for up to a year because such a small amount goes a long way, while others I have had to purchase 3 and 4 times or more a year because they ran out so quickly. Also the product is so versatile. Not only is isa great foundation, it is also concealer, and eye primer, a highlighter, and a contour.

TPF Cosmetics Certified artist

Follow this link to read an article about Beauty Tips with Chelsea Carpenter from Loving Living Local. Thank you Chelsea for your time helping us with this post and sharing your photo's with us.


We have new dates available for TPF Certification! Follow this link to learn more.

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