Artist Spotlight: Ashton Guy

We are so excited to share with you our Auguest TPF Certified artist, wife and momma of three...Ashton Guy. She is a traveling makeup artist based in Walker, Louisiana. Ashton has gone to Miss USA & Teen USA with us as a teem artist and is super talented! She specializes in weddings, pageants and special occasions. Be sure and show her some love on her social media listed below.
  • What is your background? My background is in the beauty industry. I have always loved making others feel confident & beautiful!
  • What made you decide to be a makeup artist? Honestly, I wanted to be one before I realized it was a career. I remember my mom buying me the book “Making Faces” by Kevyn Aucion when I was 12 or 13 & I was so inspired to make this a career.
  • What are some of the questions you need to ask yourself before you decide to be a makeup artist?  What is your why? Why do you want to do makeup? Are you in this for the right reasons? While this career can be profitable, it can be draining. I see a lot of artists pop up & fizzle out. There are hard times in this industry & your passion for it is what will keep you going.
  • Tell us about your business? I have been doing hair and makeup for..ever! I look back & I am so humbled at what I used to call my business. When I took the Bridal Beauty course with Danielle in 2016 it taught me so much about the business side of this industry that I did not know. I provide hair & makeup for a variety of events. Weddings, pageants, proms, etc. My passion is working with women competing in pageants.
  • What has been your favorite event/client so far? I can not narrow it down to one client! I have clients who have literally become like family to me. An event I look forward to year round is Miss Louisiana USA. I work with my friend Brittany Guidry (owner of Empowering Crowns) & she always puts together a team of amazing artists & the best young women who are competing! The weekend is always full of laughs & inspiration.
  • How did you learn about The Perfect Face? I was tagged in a Mother’s Day giveaway for a class Danielle was doing in Houston. I won tickets & went. I have loved TPF & Danielle since! When I found out about the other classes she offered, I knew I had to do one! 

  • Tell us about meeting Danielle for the first time. The first time I ever spoke with her I remember feeling so nervous (lol!) I walked into her office for the first day of the course & she met me at the door and said “Wow, you’re really pretty!” which was so sweet! Danielle made me feel so comfortable & confident. I already knew she was knowledgeable in this industry, but what I had not realized was that she truly has a passion for helping artists grow & succeed. Without a doubt my business would not be where it is without her guidance.
  • What did you like about the course? My favorite thing about the course was being around like minded people. There is something about being around others with the same passion as you that is so inspiring. Post course my favorite thing is the sisterhood I am a part of. We have a group chat for artists across the country. We get to bounce ideas off of each other & keep each other motivated.
  • Would you recommend this course to other students? Absolutely.

  • What is your favorite TPF Cosmetics product? Choosing one is tough!! I would have to say my favorite is Picture Perfect Foundation.
  • Any upcoming events you will be attending? Yes! I have lots of weddings coming up, a shoot with Jonathan Carter in New Orleans & Miss Louisiana USA in October!
Thank you Ashton for letting us use your photos and taking the time to answer our questions. If you would like to get more information about Ashton you can email her at, 225-305-8920. Her Instagram is @artistrybyashton and
If you are interested in makeup artistry we would absolutely love for you to read more about taking our TPF Certification course. You can email us any questions you may have at or call our office at 713-977-3223.


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