Aren’t Katie Eye's PERFECTION?!!

Katie Coble has been a favorite here at TPF Cosmetics ever sense she walked through our office door! Katie for sure goes down in history as being one of our favorite faces ever, ever, ever! Her sweet Mom was with her the day she came so we got a double batch of awesomeness!

Danielle created this look for Katie while she was Miss NC USA. We promise there is no filter on this photo... so if you are like us you just can't get past how beautiful her eyes are! 

Here is a list of products used for eyes Grace and Heiress shimmer pigments. Along with Sommer, Michaela, Warm Brownie, Raven eye shadows. Sloan was used on the waterline. For foundation she used Y8 Picture Perfect Foundation with Almond Tarte setting powder and for the blush Beach Baby and Medium Contour. Last but not least lips...Cameo lip liner, Savoir Faire lipstick and Creme Fraiche Gloss.  

Katie says she is a "retired" beauty queen but still keeps and active instagram account @katieacoble. If you have any questions about looks we post or cosmetic inquiries you can email us at Or shoot us a message in instagram @theperfectface.

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