How To Get More Content With Your Client

As a professional makeup artist you know how important having content is for social media. We tell our students to take A LOT of pictures of your clients so you can use multiple images now and later. For example this picture of Rylee below we posted on social media on April 21, 2021 to highlight the products we used. 

TPF Cosmetics Beauty Blog

We are using more of the pictures we took from that session for this Beauty Blog post. For a lot of content first and foremost take many before pictures! Space them out so you don't have to use them all at once.

You will want to have before and after pictures so you can see your beautiful work! Multiple angles are so important! Have your client face front, left, right, up-close and far away. Really zoom in on their eyes or lips. Ask your client to smile or put some music on and let your client be silly.

TPF Cosmetics Beauty Blog

Take A LOT of pictures! The more you take the better. Set up your tripod and get some video of your client. If you are able to get some short videos of your client, even 3-5 seconds, that's content for a story on social media. Also, set up your camera for a time lapse video of you creating the look which are always HUGELY popular. Create a system before your client arrives that you have as a reminder. We recommend putting a piece of paper in your kit that says "take before picture". This is important because you can get caught up in chatting and completely forget. 

We have a new section in our certification course that is dedicated to learning to take these much needed pictures! We will go over all you need to know to get those perfect social media/portfolio shots. 



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