How To Get Noticed?



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First and foremost you will need to make sure people know about your business. Getting noticed in 2022 is going to require a social media presence for your business both online and offline. If you are not on any social media outlets like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok you will need to open an account. It's ok for now if you don't have a logo, brand colors, website etc. because you can always work on getting those together later (you just need to start somewhere). You must think of the photos as a portfolio so the pictures need to be high-quality. We can't stress enough how important this is!! Some examples would be a before and after, your kit set up, pictures of the venue, quick tips or tutorials. If you need to take a short class on how to take professional pictures with your smart phone. You can find short inexpensive and quick classes like these on Udemy and SkillShare. You can also find free tips, tricks and how-to's on YouTube for free. If you just search "how to take high quality photos on iPhone" you will get hundreds of results.

 TPF Cosmetics Beauty Blog

It's important to stick to a theme relating to makeup and all things beauty, and content you know your followers would be interested in. We always encourage our students to have a separate account for their business from their personal one. Potential clients will want to see your portfolio not pictures of your vacation, pets or loved ones. Try your best to be consistent with your posts. A lot of times people will unfollow an account if they seem inactive by not posting regularly. Create a schedule for yourself for each week's posts to help keep track of each week's activity. On top of digital marketing, don't forget about offline marketing methods like passing out your business cards and flyers. Attend local meetups that are related to the beauty industry and meet like-minded people. 






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