Group Makeup Lessons

We love giving lessons! Whether it's an individual lesson or a group lesson we just love them! Today we're going to talk about group lessons and let you know what they offer. Group lessons are a fun way to get together with girlfriends or family and learn how to create your perfect look. We offer group lessons in our studio or at your preferred location. We have noticed ladies like having them at their homes because it's much easier for catering, food and drinks.

TPF Cosmetics Group Makeup Lessons

During the group lesson you will have a face chart made specially for you (chart is yours to keep). We will match your skin-tone and create a makeup look with colors that will complement your eyes and hair color. At your station you will have all the products needed while being instructed by Danielle. Everyone is encouraged to ask questions throughout the lesson.

TPF Cosmetics Group Makeup Lesson

We have found that at the end our clients enjoy chatting with Danielle about other looks and such so we set plenty of time aside for this. If you are interested in having a group lesson you can read more by following this link. You can also email us at and let us know you are interested and we would love to chat with you.

TPF Cosmetics Group Makeup Lessons

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