Danielle Doyle's Perfect Holiday Shopping Guide

"...these are a few of my favorite things..."  

I've put together a little shopping guide for all the girls, women, and makeup enthusiasts from The Perfect Face Cosmetics (some even have special pricing) and other items from other brands that have made a difference in my life over the past few years. 

Happy Holidays and Happy Shopping! 


Best Self Planner

Life as a mom with three young boys, a husband, and a booming business is hectic. I literally have to plan out my day starting with when I am going to wake up and have coffee to make sure I don’t miss the big stuff but have time to enjoy the little things with my family and friends. It’s a planner with various calendar options but what makes it different is that it’s a 3 month planner. You are able to plan out various goals without it being too overwhelming.  Each day has several prompts to get you focused like listing what you are grateful for at the start and the end of each day. It’s the perfect size for carrying in a large purse or bag. I am on my 7th or 8th planner now and I notice that I am getting so much more accomplished than when I was just using my phone.

Best Self Planner $31.99

Shimmer Pigments

I am so excited about finally releasing this product and to celebrate we are offering them in a limited edition full collection! For a limited time only you can get all 13 shades packed pretty together for just $200 and save $60!  The colors are luxurious, the uses are endless, and they make the perfect gift for anyone on your list.

Our neutral shades, Grace, Bliss, Precious, QueenHeiress, make the perfect highlight for the face, shoulders, and decolletage.

Any pigment can be mixed with lip gloss to create a custom gloss, or with clear nail polish for a unique look.

The packaging is a cutting edge design that you can toss it in your kit and go without worrying about it spilling and losing valuable product. Seriously, if the little plastic cap is closed you can drop it and be okay!

If you are looking for just one shade, Queen looks amazing on everyone! I also love Aurora because it’s duo chromatic so when you move it the color changes from teal to brown.

Limited edition full set: Set of 13 for only $200 (that’s $60 in savings!)

Individual Shimmer Pigment: $19.95 each


Oribe Swept Up Volume Powder Spray

While working as the makeup artist with Tony and Candice Romo on a national campaign for CHAPS, I met the Oribe Global ambassador James Pecis, who introduced me to this little bottle of magic. Since he helped develop product, he was able to walk me through the science behind how it gives the height and lift like a fully teased head of hair without all the damage and gunk from actually teasing it.  I suggest this to anyone heading out to style a photoshoot but love it for every day when we need a little lift!

Oribe Swept Up Volume Powder Spray .16oz $42


Picture Perfect Foundation

If you want to create The Perfect Face, our best selling Picture Perfect Foundation is a must have! It’s designed to be worn for everyday errands, to evening events, on television, the pageant stage, or photo shoots. You can read more about the ingredients but one of the unique things that makes it “perfect” is that it has no light reflecting properties which is what you need when you are in the spotlight or running errands at Target..hey, the world is our runway!

Let’s talk shades:

P2 is our most popular for highlighting and under eye concealer.

Y5 or Y6 is what I use on a daily basis for my foundation.

Y10 or Y12 is what I use for contour, see my video here for more on that.


TPF Picture Perfect Foundation Travel Size: $6.95 each

TPF Picture Perfect Foundation Full Size: $39.50 each


Business Boutique: A Woman’s Guide for Making Money Doing What She Loves  

Is there someone that you fangirl over and no one understands it? That’s how I feel about Christy Wright. I have been listening to her podcasts for years and I couldn’t get my hands on this book fast enough. One of her podcasts “Know Your Worth” is even required listening material during my TPF Artist Certification Course. She lives in Nashville and through one of my awesome makeup artist friends in Nashville I was able to send her a set of brushes and when I finally met Christy Wright her at her Business Boutique conference she said they are the BEST BRUSHES EVER. Nothing like one of the most influential people in your life saying something of yours is the best ever, right? This book is perfect for any woman, of any age, and any place in their career that is getting ready to embark on their own business journey.

Business Boutique Book $19.95


Pro Artist Luxury Brush Set

Our brushes are designed to last 25 years...no, that’s not a typo. If you take proper care of the new brushes they’ll continue to help you create all the looks you are imagining. I worked for years on these to make sure the application process is easier on you. The handles have a little groove to show you where to hold the brush, the brush fibers are designed to pick up the perfect amount of product and apply it exactly where you want it, and the sparkles are there for fun, because who doesn’t need more sparkles in their life?

The entire luxury set retails at $350 but for 13 brushes that will last forever? What a deal! An amazing gift for someone ready to take their makeup to the next level and why not grab a set for yourself while you’re at it?

One of my clients calls the Sheer Foundation Brush a “desert island product”; if she’s getting stranded with just a few makeup essentials, this brush is one of them. It’s best with the Picture Perfect foundation and allows for quick, easy, and even application for a real life photoshopped finish.

The crease brush is my absolute favorite because I haven’t found anything else like it on the market. Like the name suggests, it’s designed to apply eye shadow in your crease but it’s the “Goldilocks” of brushes being not too thick, too flat, or too fluffy...it’s just right. You can read more about the design or see it in action.


Pro Artist Luxury Brush Set - 13 brushes plus our gorgeous brush clutch varying case $350

Individual brushes range $18-$56


Stocking Stuffers

TPF Pop socket

 You’re laying on the couch scrolling through Instagram and BAM! you drop your phone on your face. This little baby helps prevent that from ever happening plus it sports our new TPF logo!

Popsocket $15


Audible Subscription    

I can’t remember the last time I had the time (and peace & quiet) to sit down and actually read a book, but with my subscription I am able to listen to my favorite books while driving to either a shoot or to the store with my boys. If you know a busy person, they will love you for this.

Subscription costs vary and are available either annually or monthly.


Cinema Secrets Brush cleaner

Now that you have the best makeup brush set in the world (You know, the ones up there that you were planning to give to a friend but decided to keep for yourself? ) you want to take great care of those. I have used this brush cleaner since I started doing makeup 20 years ago! It’s amazing. It gets everything out of your brushes, kills 99.9% of bacteria and smells like Christmas cookies!

2oz spray bottle $9 or 32oz bottle $39.50


Image Skincare ORMEDIC balancing lip enhancement complex

That’s a really long name for what’s basically the best lip balm ever invented. It just the bomb really. I was introduced to it several years ago when Image Skincare sponsored the MISS USA pageant and I’ve honestly purchased it about 7 more times since then. It moisturizes, plumps, fills in fine lines. It rocks.

.25 oz tube $19



  • Looks great Danielle!!!!

    Remy Branstetter
  • Great blog, it’s always great to hear about what products work for women who are have a great work work life balance. Can’t wait to see your next post. Thank you
    Corinne Devin

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