Caramel Chocolate Makeup Look

We are excited to have a new makeup look tutorial up for you to view! Watch and see how Danielle created this look with our one-of-a-kind shimmer pigments. Heiress, Queen, and Bliss are such beautiful colors and did you know they have a buttercream icing scent? Notice how Danielle mixes Bliss with her moisturizer for a little extra goodness!

Products used...

*Foundations - P2,Y8,Y12  *Eyeshadows - Chocolate Cake, Espresso, Vanilla  *Eyebrows - Morning Fog  *Shimmers - Heiress,  Queen, Bliss  *Blush - Medium Contour, Beach Baby  *Lips - Stripped, Sand, Creme Fraiche

This super fine pigment is not a glitter, but a high quality pure pigment with a luxurious feel. They can be used wet or dry. Simply pat them on your lid with our large shadow brush. Sweep them across your cheekbones with our fluff brush for that perfect highlight. You can even mix them into a clear nail polish to create your own shades or mix them with lipgloss for a creative new lip color

Do you have any makeup looks or suggestions you would like to see? Send us an email at and let us know. We always love to hear from you guys with any questions you have. 


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