TPF Certified August Spotlight Artist Janet Blum

TPF Certification
We love to introduce to you Janet Blum from College Station Texas. She is the owner of Bella Beauté Artistry an on location makeup company that services Houston, Dallas and Austin. Janet was MRS. United States in awesome is that! She has a long standing career as a physical therapist, for over 30 years and has also been in the pageant industry competing, judging and doing makeup and hair for 20 years. You can find her on Instagram, Facebook and her website. Here contact email is and phone is 979-334-4222.


What is your background?  I have been a Physical Therapist over 30 year and  involved in competing in Pageants almost as long.  I was really blessed to have won Mrs. United States 2013, where I did my own Make Up and Hair for all aspects of the pageant.

What made you decide to be a makeup artist?  I just love color and how make up can enhance and transform a woman's look. Plus the glamour of pageants!  

What are some of the questions you need to ask yourself before you decide to be a makeup artist?  Will I be willing to sacrifice weekends?  Will I be willing to travel to attend events?  Am I ready to start my own business and all the work that it will entail?
Tell us about your business?  Bella Beauté Artistry is primarily an ‘On Location’ Make up service company.  Emphasis on Weddings, Pageants and all Special events.
What has been your favorite event/client so far? I was very excited when I was asked by my pageant coach, JJ Smith, if I would have the time to do make up for Holly Mills-Gardner, who was judging at Miss Texas USA in 2103. Of course I accepted!  She wasn’t afraid to let me know what she wanted in her make up that evening.  I just loved that because I knew I was getting honest feedback.  She has since been very kind to refer me to other ladies for make up services. 
How did you learn about The Perfect Face?  After winning a state competition, I received a prize for make up services from The Perfect Face for photo shoot with my sister queens. It was a great opportunity to learn more about their services and the make up line they offer. 
Did you take the certification course? If so how did you hear about it? Yes, I took the certification course and was very pleased how it was taught by Danielle.  I learned about it from the emails I receive and was very excited when she put this course together.
What did you like about the course?  I really appreciated that the first day was focused on the business aspect as well as answering our questions.  It provided excellent insight to what will be expected as a Make Up Artist and how to minimize some of the pitfalls in this business world. 
Would you recommend this course to other students? Yes, Danielle makes the classes intimate so you can learn from each other as well as get personalized attention.  
What is your favorite TPF Cosmetics product? Chocolate Mouse Eyeliner and Stone eyeshadow.  I use these two products, religiously!
Any upcoming events we can share?  I just launched my website, and started my Instagram site @BellaBeauteArtistry.  I’m excited to be working with a few brides this summer, as well as the Texas Heritage Songwriters Association Awards in January 2022.
Thank you Janet for taking the time to help us with this blog post and use your images. If you are interested in being TPF Certified please follow this link to learn more.


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