Artist Spotlight: Jessica Mathias

We are so thrilled to start sharing with you our TPF Certified artists and what they have been up to. Without further ado it's time to meet Jessica Mathias from Oxford, Mississippi. We absolutely fell in love with her as soon as she walked into the office!! She is the owner of J. Lauren & Co. which does onsite makeup artistry. They specialize in bridal parties and can accommodate large groups. Jessica is based in Oxford, MS but does travel like most of our certified artists do.

  • What is your background? My background is not in makeup at all! I have two graduate degrees in mathematics and taught math for 10 years. 
  • What made you decide to be a makeup artist? I spent most of my life thinking I was an academic, but I’m not! I’m totally a creative! I first fell in love with makeup artistry when I was Miss Mississippi USA, but after a friend of a friend asked me to do makeup for her wedding, I realized that this was what I was suppose to be doing with my life! 
  • What are some questions you need to ask yourself before becoming a makeup artist? I think the most important thing for me is knowing how to have the humble heart of a servant. What I mean by that is I feel it is important to be whatever you can be for a client (most of mine are brides) on their special day. It can be hard to go from a different field entirely to a service industry job like a makeup artist, and how you make clients feel is so important to how they remember you (and refer you!)
  • What has been your favorite event / client so far? It would be so hard to pick just one client, but I have so many great memories! My favorite experience to date would have to be working on a movie set. It was completely different from anything I’d ever done before and I learned a lot!  

  • How did you learn about The Perfect Face? I first met Danielle while competing at Miss USA in 2009 and have used TPF products ever since! 
  • Did you take the certification course? If so, how did you hear about it? I did! I wanted to take it for years and finally was able to in 2018. I heard about the course from my dear friend and fellow makeup artist, Leah Laviano. 
  • Tell us about meeting Danielle for the first time. I was so nervous I could barely hold my makeup brushes. I had been a fan for a while and eagerly consumed all her content! 
  • What did you like about the course? How intimate it is. I like how the course is only open to a limited number, so it is basically one on one. 
  • Would you recommend the course to other students? Absolutely! Especially someone interested in making makeup their career. 
  • Any upcoming events you will be attending? I’m currently booking the rest of 2020 and into 2021 for weddings, but I pop up in other places here and there and hope to be at Miss Mississippi USA this year as a makeup artist. 

You can learn more about Jessica by going to her Instagram @jlauenandco & Facebook J. Lauren & Co. Her contact phone is 601.540.4478 and business email at Thank you Jessica for taking the time to share with us your business and photos. If you are interested in becoming a makeup artist we would absolutely love for you to read more about taking our TPF Certification course. You can email us any questions you may have at or call our office at 713-977-3223. Have a blessed Monday!


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